Website Design

Website Traffic = Sales

Previously, the most important thing a company could have to verify themselves was a good website. Nowadays, however, there is less of an emphasis on the website - it's more of a step along the way in checking out a company's legitimacy. After all, how much time do you devote clicking around on a website you want information from? 

The answer is usually not long at all. A website's best features now are its propensity for displaying information in an accessible manner. Details such as phone numbers, email addresses and socials should always be visible to visitors, as this is the most common form of website-search information. If your audience wants to get a true impression of your company, they tend to turn to social media much like they would with a person. 

Our advice?

1. The best website is a clean one. Despite the details of your brand identity, your website should be easy on the eyes in order for your audience to focus on the more important stuff, like the company information.

2. Don't over-clutter your menu with an influx of pages and anchors.

3. Make sure the information and pages flow properly.

4. Ensure that your site reflects the personality of your brand. 

REMEMBER whether you are a service or a product supplier...your website is your reception to the sales office!


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