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Our secrets to failure & SUCCESS

In 2007 Rodney "Des" Timm needed to come up with an innovative birthday gift for the Mrs before she woke up. This was the first official steps into online business.... a life-changing experience that birthed and took the Timm family down a path that today still has a growing base of opportunities in online business that never sleeps.
As he acts in an advisory capacity these days rather than operational we asked Des (GRD's original Founder) about his secrets to success, he quickly reminds us that you learn more from failure than success and the secret is to have people around you who inspire you to face TRUTH, Adversity and Success. He has many names to list as his inspiration, his father and mother being at the top of the list. There is however one person who was a stranger in about 2010 but listening to a South African speaking at an American companies' event was in itself  inspirational. This person went from inspiration to business partner in 11 years and now every Monday night in something called the Zoom Room he continues to inspire and motivate, the Green Roof Digital Team, many of our clients and ultimately worldwide strangers that become raving fans.

Occasionally Andrew Smith holds open nights (cost free) to allow outsiders into our circle of businessmen and women Should you wish to experience one of these nights put your details in below, and we will send you a link to the next open event. 

You CANNOT make MONEY & excuses at the same time

Welcome to Andrew William Smith's Zoomination, where your ultimate business outcomes take the center stage of Andrew’s focus. As a multiple business owner himself, having been in business for 25+ years and having started multiple successful business entities that build one another, Andrew Smith is highly passionate about creating and coaching businesses into higher levels of success and profits…

His high-speed approach to building businesses has led to the creation and upliftment of his own 12 businesses, as well as the considerate growth of 750+ companies through his intense coaching programs. Outside of his coaching programs, his business training seminars have helped grow over 10 000 business owners through the duration of the past 5 years alone – extending his business training techniques into the far reaches of all industries. After coaching over 900 businesses, speaking in front of hundred’s of thousands of business owners, Serial Entrepreneur, Andrew Smith is no new kid on the block. He owns multiple companies of his own, focusing primarily on business growth and online marketing system, taking all of his companies to heights, most businesses can only dream of. His 1000X scale model is now being taught to very select few.


Andrew Smith

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Tune in on Monday nights with the multiple business owner Andrew Smith and receive training on how to run your business better than ever.

Here’s what you’re in for:

  • Leadership tips to run your team better

  • Ask questions about business, get answers

  • One basic business concept each week

  • Receive homework and make good company changes

  • Discover new business books/insights


When you join Zoom Room with Andrew Smith, you take a step towards running a radically improved business one year from now.

If you are a business owner, your success lies in your hands. The more creative you can be in your business, the more opportunity you create to differentiate yourself from your competitors and reap the rewards.

  • How creative can you get with your business?

  • How far can you push yourself?

  • What will your business look like in 6 months?


Andrew Smith, multiple business owner and serial entrepreneur, is here to ask these key questions and provide valuable insights from years of experience in coaching businesses.


We believe that when you join Zoom Room today, your business and perspective may look completely different in 6 months’ time. The question is:

Are you the kind of business owner that implements what you learn? Monday nights’ Zoom Room will be brilliant for your business if you’re a business-owner with the following traits.

  • Looking for ways to improve your business, your life,

  • Constantly changing and growing,

  • Eager to learn creative business methods,

  • Excited about new business concepts,

  • Looking to gain insight from multiple-business owner Andrew Smith