FB2GO ExpRess

Advertising is no longer something only big businesses can afford to do. It's no longer a hands-off process where you barely get involved, placements are limited and results are hard to come by. In the age of social media, advertising is so simple and inexpensive that almost anybody can do it. 

From Google ads, to LinkedIn content, MailChimp Campaigns and Instagram- we can help with anything!

With Facebook advertising you can make use of extremely specific demographics to target your desired audience. Things such as age, interests, income brackets, likes, and gender can all be used to create and target a niche group of people who are most likely to click on and respond to your ad, as well as to actually buy or use your product or service. 

There are also a variety of different objectives you can make use of, in order to get the results you're looking for. From traffic to your website, engagements on your post or likes on your page, you can structure your ads to get the most for your money. Our Facebook Agent FB2GO-Express is a franchise of a nationwide group of experts specifically tasked to manage successful Facebook Advertising.

Sound overwhelming? We understand that it can be a challenge for a small to medium sized company to put time into everything that goes into making a great ad: the creative design, the music selection, the storyboard and more! That's why we at Green Roof Digital take it into our hands to do the difficult stuff for you. 

If you or a small business owner you know need help with your brand building blocks, give us a call on: 062 450 2538.